Houston Astros 3B Alex Bregman has right wrist surgery, expected to be ready for spring training

Alex Bregman, third baseman for the Houston Astros, had successful surgery Monday on his right wrist and should be ready to go for spring training, according to a team news release.
Bregman posted a picture of his Houston post-surgery recovery Monday morning on an Instagram story. He gave a thumbs up sign from his hospital bed and the caption: "All went well."

Bregman, 27 years old, was limited by injury during the latter stages of the season. In September, he had seven extra-base hits. He struggled in the second round of the playoffs. Houston lost to him in the World Series when he hit.217 in ALCS and.095 in World Series.

Bregman stated that he felt "good enough" to play but didn't do the job after Game 6 in the World Series. "We'll fix everything and be ready to go when we get back from camp."

Bregman was moved from third to seventh in the batting order during the World Series. He came back with a huge hit in Game 5. He never felt at home at the plate, and never had a hot streak.

Bregman stated that it felt like the system wasn't there for much of it. "Obviously, [I] accept responsibility for that. It is obvious that you take pride in being well and being there for a full-season. I was unable to do that the past two years.

Bregman was injured in the left quad and missed two months. This injury occurred in early 2021. The release states that Bregman can resume normal baseball activities in January.