Twitter Deploying Top-Spec MacBook Pros Across App Development Teams

Twitter has deployed top-quality MacBook Pros with M1 Max Apple silicon chips to all its iOS and Android app developers. This is yet another push towards Apple silicon Macs adoption in the enterprise.

John Szumski (a senior Twitter staffer for its mobile platforms), shared the news. Szumski tweeted that Twitter would be rolling out fully-maxed MacBook Pros to all its Android and iOS engineers. Szumski stated that the new Apple silicon Macs have significant improvements in performance when it comes to Twitter app development, compared with current Intel Macs.

I am excited to roll out fully loaded M1 Max MPBPs to all Twitter's iOS and Android engineers! Our Intel builds are seeing significant improvements in top-line performance and thermal throttle. -- John Szumski (@jszumski) November 5, 2021

Reddit's engineer also agreed with this sentiment. Reddit staff engineer Jameson said that the new MacBook Pros had cut Reddit’s app development time by half, which has resulted in improved productivity for engineers. Jameson explained that the new MacBook Pros have reduced the cost for Reddit's engineers by distributing $32k worth of laptops. This will result in a $100k productivity increase over 2022.

Apple promises significant improvements to developers using the M1 Pro and M1 Max Apple silicon chip. Apple's tests show that the M1 Pro's 10-core CPU M1 Pro, and M1 Max chips in its large 16-inch MacBook Pro deliver 3.7x faster Xcode builds than the 8-core Intel i9 16 inch MacBook Pro. Apple claims that the new chips offer developers a four-fold increase in Xcode code compile times and power efficiency on a single charge.