Fully’s standing desks, chairs, and more are discounted ahead of Black Friday

While there are many brands that offer standing desks, Fully is the most trusted. You can save 15% on every item in its online store from now until November 30th, which is the day after Cyber Monday. Jarvis standing desks are included. You can also get handy accessories like an arm for your monitor, power grommet covers to provide extra plugs, USB charging ports and other useful accessories. While these products are still expensive, these deals can help you get a better ergonomic work environment by saving some money.
The Jarvis standing desk with bamboo top is $484, instead of $569 if you prefer a real wood tabletop. Prices will go up depending on how large a desk you choose, as well as other customizations.

Although we haven't yet reviewed standing desks at The Verge's, Fully's Jarvis desk was mentioned many times by those who own it (including me).

Bamboo standing desk by Fully Jarvis $484


The bamboo standing desk comes with a strong frame and a keypad that can be programmed to adjust its height. It can lift up 350 pounds and reach a maximum height of 50 inches. The desktop surface is covered by a 5-year warranty and the components of the desk frame are covered by a 15 year warranty. Full Price $484

Fully also makes desks that are less expensive, such as the Remi laminate standing desk which costs $390 rather than $459. Fixed-height desks are also available from Fully, with a 15% price drop.

Fully accessories can be used with any desk, no matter how tall or short. The Topo anti-fatigue pad makes it easier for people who work at desks. It costs $84, and is normally $99 It costs $67 for the mini version.

Fully's Jarvis monitor arms, which attach to your desk, are another great addition to your workspace. You can even have your monitor tilted to the side, if that's how you prefer to orient your workspace. It was originally $129 but is now $110.

Fully Jarvis monitor arm $110


15% Discount - Get this monitor arm in any of the three colors you like to move your monitor from your desk to a more ergonomically-friendly place. It's stylish and offers more desk space. $110 at Fully