Condé Nast Traveller Picks Its 22 Holiday Destinations For 2022

Press Release
8 November 2021

The 2022 year is an opportunity to reconnect with the most popular holiday destinations in a deeper and more authentic manner as the green shoots of tourism turn into tall, towering oaks. We will often be reminded of why we travel. As curiosity and adventure return to our lives, we will appreciate every moment of travel, from every little street food stall to every beautiful train ride, every breathtaking sunset, and every peaceful beach.


This is why our top-rated holiday destinations list is so important. We have taken great care to select places that suit all travel preferences, following the lead of museum curators, surfers, and food-truck sellers. The list includes destinations that range in geography and character, from North-east Australia to some of the most beautiful places in Europe. While evergreen destinations like Thailand and Edinburgh will be singing louder than ever before, others such as New Orleans and Jersey will shine a spotlight on their untold stories. While big global events like the Beijing Winter Olympics or the Birmingham Commonwealth Games will be a major draw, there are many other stories that can be shared, including those of family-run farms that pack a serious foodie punch and festivals dedicated to the healing powers of the Earth.

No matter how you imagine your travel landscape, this list will satisfy all of your needs. There are many places to explore on the planet and many ways to do it. But this is our carefully selected selection of spots that will be thriving in 2022.

Best for Culture Lovers

Oslo, Norway

New Orleans, Louisiana USA


Kingston, Jamaica

Menorca in Spain

Best for Foodies

Birmingham, UK


Jersey, UK

Bend, Oregon, USA

County Tipperary in Ireland

The best for adventure junkies

Central Tanzania

Siquijor, Philippines

The Daintree in Queensland, Australia

Beijing, China

Sierras Chicas, Argentina

Hachinohe, Japan

Kaunas (Lituania)

Best for Families