YouTuber builds a cat elevator for his 20-year-old furry friend who struggles with stairs

YouTuber Liam Thompson made his own cat elevator to assist older pets who have trouble climbing stairs.
This Auckland-based creator is well-known for his DIY creations. These include a robot butler and secret door, as well as a 150-foot waterslide built on a sand dunes. His videos with his pets are even more amazing, such as his viral video showing Max how to play Minecraft.

He's now inventing a lift for Frodo, his 20-year-old cat. Thompson built his tiny elevator for Frodo using an electric hoist and a backyard rollercoaster.

"Are we ready to go down without moving a muscle?" Thompson questions Frodo. Thompson asks Frodo if he thinks so. It took him four days.

It's without a doubt the most beautiful invention I've ever seen in this week.

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