Elon Musk made a gross sex joke at the chair of the Senate Finance Committee who criticized his Twitter poll about taxes

Elon Musk suggested selling Tesla stock in a tweet poll. He said it was the only way to pay taxes.
Sen. Wyden was critical of Musk's tax payment, saying that it shouldn't be based on results from a Twitter poll.

Elon Musk replied: "Why does your pp look as if u just arrived?"

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Elon Musk made a crude joke about the profile photo of a senator on Twitter who had criticized his poll regarding selling Tesla stock.

Musk tweeted the first poll on Saturday asking his followers if he should tell 10%. He promised to continue following its results.

Musk claimed that he was conducting the poll because people think he should pay more taxes: "Much has been made lately of unrealized gain being a way of tax avoidance."

Sen. Ron Wyden (a Democratic Senator from Oregon) criticized the move via Twitter on Sunday.

He stated that the outcome of a Twitter poll shouldn't be used to determine whether or not the world’s richest man pays any taxes. "It's now time for the Billionaires Income Tax."

Musk then retorted at Wyden, focusing his attention on Wyden's appearance and saying Wyden looked like someone who had just had an orgasm.

Musk wrote, "Why does your pp look so fresh?"

Wyden is also chairman of the Senate Finance committee.

Musk has changed his Twitter name to "Lorde edge" and added that he does not accept a bonus or cash salary from anyone. Musk only has stock so I can only pay taxes by selling stock.