'Predictable and preventable': First lawsuit filed on behalf of Astroworld victim seeks damages from Travis Scott, Live Nation, and ScoreMore

Manuel Souza seeks $1 million in damages following being trampled at Astroworld Festival.
His lawyers cited numerous dangerous incidents that had occurred at Travis Scott's previous performances.

Souza's lawyers filed a petition for a temporary order of restraining to protect evidence.

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A plaintiff who was hurt during the Astroworld Festival mass casualty event filed a lawsuit Saturday against Jacques Webster II, better known as Travis Scott, his label and festival organizers ScoreMore Shows and Live Nation, ASM Global and Trey Hicks Public Relations.

Manuel Souza, a Houston resident, was trampled during the festival. His attorneys argued in the lawsuit that the tragedy could have been predicted and prevented.

"Tragically due to the Defendants’ motivation for profit at cost of concertgoers’ health and safety and due to them encouraging violence, at least eight people died and scores of others sustained injuries at what was supposed be a fun night," wrote Steve Kherkher, of Kherkher Garcia in Houston, which represents Souza.

Kherkher claimed that concertgoers were at risk when they broke through a security gate and stampeded onto the venue earlier in the day, according to court documents.

Kherkher claimed that Webster's performance was marred by unsafe conditions. Emergency vehicles drove through the crowd to aid concertgoers.

Kherkher stated in the lawsuit that "this was against a background of multiple reports about patrons losing consciousness, patrons becoming unable to breath due to profound lack, crowd control, inadequate water and security and a lackof exit routes." "So many people were injured, and so few emergency workers were provided by defendants, patrons had to perform CPR on their fellow concertgoers."

The lawsuit claimed that the tragedy had been "months, or even years in the making", citing Webster's now-deleted tweet encouraging fans to sneak into his concert, and several other dangerous incidents that took place at previous performances, such as the following:

August 2015: Webster was charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly told fans to jump from barricades. Webster pleaded guilty.

April 2017, Rolling Stone: A Webster fan was paralysed after being forced to cross a third-story edge in a "severely packed" concert.

May 2017, The Associated Press reported Webster's encouragement to people to rush a concert stage and bypass security, resulting in injuries for a security guard. Webster pleaded guilty.

Souza and his lawyers claim Webster and festival organizers were grossly negligent in the safety and health of Astroworld concertgoers. They asked for a jury and a fair amount of damages.

Webster released statements and videos since the concert, stating that he will work with Houston officials to support the families of victims and to help them heal. Kylie Jenner, currently pregnant with Webster's second child, stated in an Instagram story, that Webster and she were unaware of any fatalities until after the show.

Souza's lawyers filed a temporary restraining petition to prevent Webster, the organizers and any of their associates from altering, altering, dissolving or modifying any evidence related the incident. This includes stage infrastructure, barricades and equipment.

Trey Hicks Public Relations, Trey Hicks Public Relations, ScoreMore Shows and Live Nation did not immediately respond when Insider asked for comment.