Ted Cruz Talks About Joe Rogan Being 'President' Of Texas If State Secedes From U.S.

Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) spoke out about Joe Rogan, a COVID-19 conspiracist, becoming the president of Texas in a shocking address to his constituents.
Cruz said last month that he wasn't there yet when he spoke to an audience at Texas A&M University regarding Texas seceding form the United States, also known as Texit.

To loud applause, he added that if it gets to the point of being hopeless, then we should take NASA, the military, and the oil.

Cruz replied, "Joe Rogan! He might be president of Texas!"

Cruz answered a question from a member of audience about the possibility that the country would secede. He said that he understood the sentiment but was not ready to do so yet.

I'm not ready to let America go. He said again, to applause, "I love this country."

Cruz emphasized that Texas has a responsibility towards the nation for being an incredible force in keeping America on the right track and keeping America grounded in its values.

He is willing to change his mind.

Cruz stated that if Democrats end the filibuster, and if they pack Supreme Court, if D.C. is made a state, and if they federalize elections, and massively expand voter Fraud, it could become impossible. We are not yet there.

He added that if the state becomes hopeless, then NASA, the military, and oil should be taken.

Ted Cruz was asked what he thought about the Texas independence/secession movement called Texit. He said that it could be appropriate if certain events happen and that Joe Rogan should become President of independent Texas. pic.twitter.com/3crlZlh8VL Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) November 7, 2021

After contracting COVID-19 earlier in the year, Rogan, a right-wing vaccine and mask skeptic, appears to be healthy. The Joe Rogan Experience podcaster insisted that President Joe Biden's booster shot, which was captured and broadcast on TV, was magically faked.

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After falsely claiming that healthy and young people don't need to get vaccinated, Rogan admitted that he was a fucking moron. He should know more about the running of a country state.

Cruz's talk was recorded by his Verdict podcast. This talk is part of a series called Verdict talks, which are funded by the conservative Young Americas Foundation. Scott Walker, ex-Gov. of Wisconsin, is the president. The foundation also includes Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's former attorney general, as well as Stephen Miller, Trump's extremist immigrant advisor.

Cruz had planned to speak at the University of Wisconsin Madison last month, but organizers refused to follow university policy regarding masks. WKOW-TV reported that the event was moved to another campus location.

Cruz's comments are shown in the video above. At 1:18:17, talk about Texas secession.

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