Firefighters cut a naked man out of the walls of a theater after he got trapped there for 2 days

Syracuse firefighters saved a man trapped in a theater wall cavity. Syracuse Fire Department
Friday saw the discovery of a naked man trapped in a wall at a New York State theater.

After crawling into a crawlspace, he fell into the wall cavity and was there for two days.

He was saved by firefighters who cut through the wall. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

According to local reports, firefighters rescued a naked man trapped in the walls of a New York State theater.

According to a Syracuse Fire Department post on Facebook, the firefighters responded around 7.30 AM after employees at Syracuse’s Landmark Theater heard banging or yelling inside a wall.

According to John Kane, fire chief, the 39-year-old man had crawled into a crawl space, and then hid for two days. Kane said that he fell into the wall cavity in the men's restroom and became stuck.

The fire department posted images from the theatre showing the cavity after it was opened. It appears to be a long, narrow space that looks like a coffin.

The fire department stated that firefighters used a fiber optic camera to locate the man precisely. They then cut through layers of drywall and clay tile to reach him.

Kane stated to that Kane had not seen any injuries, but could have been dehydrated.

According to, the man was seen walking around the theater two days earlier.

He told the outlet that he didn't know if the man was going in to the bathroom to get warm. He said that they had lost track of him and assumed he had fled the building. reported that the man was taken to hospital for an evaluation. His condition is not known. According to the BBC, police said that he seemed to have a mental illness. They will not charge him.

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