An Attorney For A Man Who Was Partially Paralyzed At A Travis Scott Show Says The Tragedy At Astroworld Wasn’t A Surprise

It is clear that his desire to create chaos led to this terrible tragedy.
Rick Kern / Getty Photos Travis Scott performs live onstage at the third annual Astroworld Festival at NRG Park, Nov. 5, in Houston.

An attorney representing a man who fell during a Travis Scott concert in 2017 left him partially paralysed. He said that Friday's deaths and injuries at Astroworld are just the latest example of Scott encouraging chaos at his shows. Howard Hershenhorn, the attorney for a man who was partially paralysed after falling during a Travis Scott show in 2017, said Friday night's deaths and injuries at Astroworld were just the latest example of Scott encouraging chaos at his performances. Scott encouraged fans to leap from the Terminal 5 venue's balcony a year ago. Scott can be heard saying, "Don't be afraid!" They will catch you.

There aren't many fans like @trvisXX. Twitter: @RAVIEB

Many fans did jump from the balcony that night. Kyle Green however, has stated that he was being pushed by the crowd. The now-27-year-old Scott still uses a wheelchair more than four years after the incident. Hershenhorn is representing Scott in a civil suit against Scott, Scott's management and the security company. Scott's attorneys and other defendants deny the allegations. BuzzFeed News received no response on Sunday from Scott's representatives. Hershenhorn stated that the events at the Astroworld Festival were tragic, despite Scott's previous statements and his injuries. He said that Scott's desire to create chaos was the cause of this terrible tragedy. Scott has pleaded guilty twice to misdemeanors in relation to his performances in recent years. Scott was arrested in 2015 just minutes after he started his set at Lollapalooza, Chicago. He had told fans to climb over security bars. Later, he pleaded guilty for reckless conduct. He was charged with inciting a riot during a 2017 performance in Arkansas. He allegedly encouraged others to go beyond security. Scott eventually pleaded guilty for disorderly conduct after multiple people were hurt.

Travis Scott was the one who killed Lollapalooza. It was shut down by the cops after 3 songs. This dude is causing riots @trvisXX #LaFlame Twitter:@prospect_sounds

Hershenhorn stated that Scott's statement in which he said he was devastated by the events at Astroworld and hoped to help the families affected, doesn't fit with his past history. Hershenhorn stated that while Scott is trying to make a good impression on Twitter by being remorseful, he should have reflected upon his past mistakes and learned from them. Friday night was a mistake. Astroworld video shows Scott elevated above the stage and pausing to direct medics to people in distress. The crowd shouts to stop him singing. One video shows a concertgoer's limp body being passed by members of the crowd to assist him.

People were screaming for help and asking for it. #ASTROFEST #AstroWorld rip to all the people who lost their lives last night. It shouldn't have ended that way. Twitter: @tre5pix