Astroworld Lawsuits Start to Pour In, Travis Scott & Drake Named

The legal floodgates are opening -- Travis Scott, Live Nation were just sued by someone alleging that they were hurt during Astroworld... this is only the beginning of many to come.
Manuel Souza, a man named Manuel, has already filed suit in Harris County District Court. He claims he was injured during the chaos that unfolded... and alleges negligence and gross negligence for Trav and LN as well as other defendants he names.

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Billboard obtained Souza's docs. He says that the tragedy was "predictable" and preventable. This is partly due to what he describes as warning signs earlier in day that should have been red flags for festival organizers... but were instead ignored.

Souza describes how people stampeded into NRG Park in the early days of its opening. He claims that they were climbing over security barriers and trampling on each other. Souza asserts that nothing was done to curtail or improve the situation.

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He claims that concert organizers made conscious efforts to allow the show to go ahead despite evidence that people were in severe distress and were suffering from "serious apparent injury." Souza claims they deliberately chose this route because they knew the risk was increasing by the hour.

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Souza claims that Travis is to blame for the incident. It's unclear what Souza claims Trav did or didn’t do during the show. Souza believes it was preventable. Souza does mention Travis' past history of encouraging violence among his fans at concerts, which Souza claims has resulted in people being hurt. However, he doesn't seem to be able to connect the dots to explain why TS is responsible.

You cant tell me Travis Scott didnt see this kid getting resuscitated while he was up there doing the robot #ASTROWORLDFest damn (@DexterL07617514) November 6, 2021 @DexterL07617514

It is not clear exactly what injuries Souza claims were inflicted against him, but he repeatedly cites the 8 dead and the dozens of other people who were also injured... and then goes on to claim profit was preferred over safety for concertgoers.

Souza is seeking damages of at least one million dollars. We are working to get a copy of this lawsuit. Travis and Live Nation have been contacted for comment.