Dak Prescott won't blame calf strain, absence after Denver Broncos thump Dallas Cowboys

Teddy Bridgewater allows it to fly to Tim Patrick. He beats the Cowboys' defense, grabs a touchdown pass and falls into the end zone. (0:36).
ARLINGTON (Texas) -- Dak Prescott's return from Dallas to the Cowboys was not as planned.

The Cowboys lost to the Denver Broncos by 30-16. It was not as close as it seemed.

"We were defeated. Prescott stated that we were beaten in all aspects of the game, including on offense.

Prescott played for the first time since Oct. 17 when he suffered a right-calf strain. He completed 19 of 39 passes for 223 yards. There were two touchdowns (both to Malik Turner in the fourth quarter, which was the final quarter) and one interception. He was sacked twice.

Prescott stated that his calf was fine after the game.

Prescott stated, "I did a lot moving, did lots of scrambling there getting out of the pocket, no problems." It didn't bother me. "I'm fine."

Prescott was playing his first game in 21 days. After beating the Patriots, the Cowboys were on their bye week. Prescott was not allowed to play in the Cowboys' win last week at the Minnesota Vikings. Backup quarterback Cooper Rush threw for 325 yards and two touchdowns.

Mike McCarthy, Coach of Prescott, said that Prescott faced a "tough and uphill day."

McCarthy stated, "It's like any other game. The speed of the game can't be replaced."

After spending the week prior to the Vikings game, Prescott resumed his regular practice schedule and took his usual turns leading up to the Broncos match. Prescott was absent for a longer time during training camp. He missed significant practice time, and all four preseason games due to a right latissimus strain.

"It's obvious that I wasn’t as clean as usual or as thorough as I used to be. Prescott stated that it was difficult to blame and say the truth. "I took a lot off and came back in Tampa Bay different. I'm not going sit there and take responsibility for two weeks of great practice before I got to this game.

"I missed some throws, and we weren’t our usual selves in passing game when needed. We didn't execute."

Prescott was able to complete a league-best 73% of his passes and had thrown at least three touchdown passes in each of his previous four games. He completed 6 out of 19 passes for an impressive 79 yards in the three quarters.

McCarthy didn't want Prescott to go despite the score being so high.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy made a conscious effort to keep McCarthy in the room for the 2-minute work during the fourth quarter. "It's something I felt, if you look at all the situational work we've done and your commitment to each situation, it's something we needed." It was a pleasure to see us produce a 2-minute production. I believe that this is something we can carry forward from this game.

Prescott would be upset if he were taken out.

Prescott stated, "There was still game to be played." "It never crossed me mind that I was leaving the game. If someone had tried to make that decision, I would tell them I was not. We needed to start something. We needed some energy and momentum. We had to demonstrate our fight and our resilience, something that has won us many games. You have to be strong when you are being beaten like that.

"I believe that's where the path begins with us all staying in the game, fighting until the end, and trying to gain momentum to help us take our place in this game. Yes, that's what I thought.