Rapper Roddy Ricch will donate the money he earned for performing at Astroworld to families whose loved ones died at the festival

American rapper Roddy Rinch performed Friday at the Astroworld Festival, Houston.
As thousands of people rushed to see Travis Scott perform, there was a mass casualty.

Ricch posted on Instagram that he would donate the festival's earnings to victims' families.

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Roddy Ricch, an American rapper, announced via Instagram that he would donate any compensation he received for performing at Astroworld to the families of the victims following Friday's mass casualty incident.

Ricch stated, "I'll be donating mine net compensation to the relatives of this incident," adding the hashtag #Pray4Houston.

Shawn Holiday, Ricch's manager is available for any family members.

Officials in Houston are still investigating October 5's events. Eight people were killed and many more were injured by Travis Scott, who was the festival's organizer and headliner. Nearly 50,000 people rushed to Scott's stage during Scott's performance, triggering the mass casualty incident.

At a press conference, Samuel Pea, Chief of Houston Fire, stated that the crowd started to shrink towards the front. This caused panic and some injuries. "People started to fall out, became unconscious, and it caused additional panic."

Two minors, two children aged 21 and 23, two people aged 23 and 27, as well as a person unknown to Sylvester Turner, Houston Mayor, were among the victims. The names of the victims were not released to the public.