New Trailers: The Power of the Dog, Moonfall, Morbius, The Book of Boba Fett and more

This annoying thing that more trailers use to introduce their trailers has been something I noticed. It's already an introduction! Instead of showing me, you are wasting precious seconds telling what I'm about to see!
Okay, enough of my ranting. After watching a late binge-watch of Maid on Netflix, I am eager to get the book. This was one of the most accurate descriptions of poverty that I have ever seen. Even the smallest setback can cause a disaster and you must be aware of where your money is going before you get paid. The Morning Show had a great episode, with Ruthless Cory and Spiraling Chip at their best. Mia (Karen Pittman), who tried to understand the episode's big event from a personal perspective, was the best scene. Please show more of her (although there are only two episodes remaining in the season, and Alex is just back from Italy breathing on and hugging everyone... Please see below.

This week's trailers: The bad guys take center stage.

The Power of the Dog

In this gorgeous movie, Jane Campion, Academy Award winner, directs Benedict Cumberbatch as a bully who is a cattle rancher. It is based on Thomas Savage's 1967 novel. It is already creating Oscar buzz (I know it is, but it is), for Cumberbatch as well as Kirsten Dunst. Cumberbatch, Dunst and Jesse Plemons star in The Power of the Dog. It will be available in theaters and on Netflix on December 1.

The Book of Boba Fett

This series title says that every galaxy has an underworld. The long-awaited series about Star Wars' most famous villain (note: the trailer's first line is "I am not a bounty hunter") is almost here. This trailer should be enough to satisfy fans' appetites. In a post-credit scene taken from The Mandalorian's second season, Fett kills Bib Fortuna to take the throne that was once occupied Jabba The Hutt's. This is our first glimpse at the series. He is accompanied by the loyal Fennec Shand. In the trailer, Fett is seen trying to negotiate with Jabbas' former associates. Jabba was fearful. I will rule with respect. Temuera Morrison, Ming-Na Wen and Ming-Na Wen are the stars in The Book of Boba Fett. It will be available on Disney Plus December 29th.


This movie might be a good one! Roland Emmerich's big, loud disaster movies are often very popular. This movie is about the men who discovered something sinister during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. It was kept secret for 50 years, but it's now out. The moon is about to fall. It is hollow, and there is something there. It will all be Very Bad For Earth, and the Only One Who Can Save us All is Halle Berry (that track actually). Moonfall will feature her alongside John Bradley, Patrick Wilson, and Donald Sutherland. It hits theaters February 4.


This movie might be a success! This trailer, which tells the story of a lesser-known Spiderman villain, has been released almost two years ago. I believe our January 2020 review of the original trailer holds up well. Dr. Michael Morbius is suffering from a blood condition and must find a cure. He accidentally becomes a vampire and has perfect abs. Okay, cool. Morbius stars Jared Leto and Tyrese Gilbert. It opens in theaters January 1.

You can also see a trailer for Resident Evil 2: Raccoon City, which I will link but not embed due to its horrific content. It will be in theaters on November 24th.