'Saturday Night Live' debuts a new Donald Trump during the program's opening skit

James Austin Johnson, comedian and actor, debuted his parody on former President Trump during "SNL."
Johnson's Trump character was seen alongside Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro, Alex Moffat and Glen Youngkin.

Johnson was chosen to be a featured actor on the show's long-running series this year.

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"Saturday Night Live," last night featured a new cast member portraying former President Donald Trump in the opening skit of its long-running comedy program.

James Austin Johnson was featured on the show as a player this year. He had gained a reputation for impersonating Trump before stepping onto the stage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Cecily Strong was also on hand to parody the former president during an interview with Strong.

Johnson's Trump character was seen alongside Strong's Pirro, Alex Moffat. They were impersonating Glenn Youngkin, the Republican Governor-elect of Virginia. This was a significant electoral win for the GOP, which had lost the White House in November and the US Senate control in January.

Moffat's Youngkin character continued to explain how he was lucky to have won the race thanks to the support of his parents, and not because he needed Trump's help.

Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl November 7, 2021

Johnson's Trump character sought to claim credit for Virginia's electoral victory, despite Youngkin actually embracing Trump from afar and choosing to concentrate on local issues.

Youngkin won the election with nearly 98% of votes counted. Terry McAuliffe won last week by a margin of 50.7% to 48.6%, or approximately 68,000 votes from nearly 3.3million ballots.

"I just wanted Glenn Youngkin and myself to thank for the tremendous victory in Virginia. Johnson's Trump character stated on the show that "We did it together, Glenn."

Moffat's Youngkin replied while Johnson was on split-screen.

Johnson tried to imitate Trump's mannerisms by using the same mannerisms. Moffat wanted to make Johnson feel like Youngkin, and Moffat did this with facial expressions that showed varying degrees of discomfort.

Judge Judy, it's wonderful to be here and, quite frankly, to win again. We love winning, and you'll see a lot more of that where it came from. Let me tell ya. It's going to be a lot," Johnson said about Trump's character.

The discussion then turned to election issues before he moved on to discussing Santa Claus and Chris Pratt in the film "Eternals".

Alec Baldwin, an actor who had previously played Trump, has retired from the role following the election loss to President Joe Biden last January.