A prominent California law school named after a US official who funded the forced removal and killings of Indigenous people wants to be renamed

The University of California Hastings College of the Law's board of directors is trying to change the school’s name.
Serranus Hastings is the college's name. He was an ex-attorney general who helped fund the indiscriminate killings against Indigenous people.

It is well-known for putting prominent names in the spotlight, such as Vice President Kamala Harris.

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California's law school is trying to change its name after a man who funded the killing of Indigenous Californians.

According to a press release, Tuesday's vote by the board of directors of the University of California Hastings College of the Law to arrange a name change was approved by the governor and legislature. Without the support of the state government, the school cannot change its name by itself.

It is well-known for bringing in notable names, such as Vice President Kamala Harris.

Serranus Hastings was the name of the founder and former attorney general in California. Hastings paid for the forced removal of Yuki people. This led to the deaths of many tribe members.

The brutal and indiscriminate killings were horrific. A 10-year-old girl was murdered for her "stubbornness" and other infants were killed in order to "put out their misery," according to documents reviewed by The New York Times.

The school has been struggling with its dark past for at least four years and considering changing its name.

Dean David Faigman stated in the release that he initiated a robust process to engage Native Californians whose tribes were impacted by the deadly acts Serranus Hattings four years ago. "It is time to acknowledge that the College's name has been changed. I will work diligently to achieve this goal.

The school attempted to implement some form of reparations for all the destruction and turmoil caused by its nameake. An advisory committee was established to "recommend steps towards restorative justice". It has announced a number of initiatives to honor Indigenous peoples and preserve their culture, history and heritage.

According to the release, the committee suggested that a public memorial be built in honor of the Yuki people. The school recommended that Yuki people have better access to its educational resources, such as scholarships and the chance to be part of its moot court teams.

CNN reports that the bill can be introduced to the state legislature as soon as January 3. Faigman said that although it is not clear what the new name might be, possible contenders include California-specific names or "geographic designations".