Eternals' Director Chloé Zhao Talks Those Two Post-Credits Scenes

The deal is obvious: Eternals, the latest Marvel movie, stars a new group of emotionally impaired misfits and superpowered oddos. There are two scenes in the post-credits to set up its sequel and future developments for the MCU. Director Chlo Zhao spoke about the creation of both scenes at the Hollywood premiere in October.


The first post credits is probably the most well-known. After saving Earth from the destruction caused by the birth of a new Celestial (Gemma Chan), Kingo, and Phastos are captured by Arishem. (David Kaye). Druig, Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), Thena and Thena, who are currently travelling the galaxy looking for other Eternals to save their friends, will have to do this. But they won't be the only ones involved in this mission. Enter Eros, the big bad Thanos brother to Josh Brolin (played by Harry Styles from One Direction), who has been beaming onto their ship to help.

After the movie's premiere, Zhao said that she still cannot believe it happened. She had originally pitched Eros and Pip (a CG troll voiced in Patton Oswalt's voice) to Kevin Feige. Styles was the obvious choice. He was a star in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and she loved his performance. She thought Styles would be a great choice to play a scumbag with a big personality who is also a huge fuckboi. She said that he was very unique and interesting about the singer-turned-actor. That was Eros, I thought. That's the character. I was so excited to see Kevin go.

The second scene jumps back to Earth. After watching his girlfriend Sersi be snatched, Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington), returns to his home and gazes at a crate. After much discussion, Dane finally opens the crate. We then see the Ebony blade, which he believes may be able help him, even though it could have some consequences. Just before Dane can grab the Ebony Blade, a man from behind asks Dane, "Are you sure you're ready for that?" Dane then turns his head, and the movie cuts off to black.

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Fans quickly realized that Blade was the voice. He will be played by Mahershala Ali in a solo film directed by Bassam Tariq. Zhao also confirmed the same. Fandom revealed that this was Mr. Blade's voice. Dane and the Daywalker were briefly part of a London-based superhero team. This is why he was not included in the film. She isn't as informed about his new movie, except for this brief appearance. Although I don't know much about the movie, Mahershala is an absolute treasure. It's going to be amazing.

Variety spoke with Harrington about Dane. He said that he did not know Blade was speaking to him until just a few weeks prior to the premiere. He did however admit that Marvel had brought up the subject of the two swordsmen when he was first approached for the role. What does this mean for the future? He seems to have no idea, as he has said before. From early conversations, I knew there would be some crossover. Nothing has been written. Nothing that I've heard.


Marvels Eternals is currently in theaters

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