NBA recommending COVID-19 booster shots to players, coaches, referees

MIAMI -- Sunday's NBA meeting reminded its players, coaches, and referees that booster shots should be given against coronavirus. This was especially important for those who have received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Based on the guidance of the league's infectious disease experts, the league and the National Basketball Players Association jointly recommended that anyone who had received Johnson & Johnson shots over two months should receive a booster. For those who have received the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the booster recommendation was also made.

The Associated Press obtained the league's recommendations. They recommended that anyone who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine initially to get a Pfizer booster or Moderna booster. The league stated that those who received Moderna or Pfizer may be eligible for any booster.

The league determined that antibodies for Moderna and Pfizer recipients decrease after six months, while those for Johnson & Johnson recipients decline after two months.

The NBA stated that in some cases, people who have been vaccinated but do not want to receive a booster will be tested again on Dec. 1. The date of Dec. 1 will vary depending on the type of vaccine received and when it was given.

Some teams have already planned for booster shots to be given to their players when they are available. A few NBA players who were not previously vaccinated have tested positive for COVID-19 this season and have been added to the league's safety and health protocols.

Doc Rivers, the 76ers coach, said that Tobias Harris from Philadelphia was among those who were sidelined.

"He's doing okay, but not great, honest to goodness. ... Rivers stated last week that it hit Rivers for certain. Rivers said that many men have experienced this and are now mad. Tobias is not in this category, and I can assure you that.

According to reports, 97% of NBA players had been vaccinated before the season began. Nearly 60% of Americans are fully vaccinated. That's more than 193,000,000 people. Over 21 million people have been given a booster dose and that number is increasing every day.