Box Office: ‘Dune’ Survives ‘Eternals’ As ‘No Time To Die’ Nears $670M

Timothe Chalamet portrays Paul Atreides in "Dune" Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures
Holdover news: Dune made $7.62 million (-51%) its third weekend. This brings its domestic total to $83.95million in just 17 days. This is a decent hold considering Eternals occupied most of the IMAX IMAX /PLF screens. Im also curious to see if the general audience reaction for the MCU movie will benefit the Frank Herbert adaptation. However, $100 million domestic is still a tossup. After three weekends, its domestic total is higher than Godzilla Vs. Kong ($80million), but MonsterVerse dropped only 43% in weekend three with a gross of $7.8million. I expect Warner Bros., if they can, to drag the Denis Villeneuve-directed sci fi epic kicking and screaming across this milestone. WB hopes that the movies next month (sans HBO Max), will get more attention from the casually curious, and that awards season fans will be able to see them in theaters.

The film made $11 million more overseas, making it $246.5 million. Its global total is now $330 million (including $36 Million in China). If normal rates of decline are considered, it looks like the final global cume will be over/under $375 millions. Normal circumstances would make that a reasonable amount for a franchise-starter worth $165 million. This is in line with The Golden Compass ($373million on a $180million budget), Edge of Tomorrow ($371million/$178million) and Mad Max: Fury Road (376 million/$155million). Legendary and WB already have a theatrical sequel scheduled for October 20, 2023. I'm old enough to recall Tron: Legacy, Alita Battle Angel made just over $400 million with their respective $170 million budgets. Then it was over $400 million. Dune Part Two will be shut-up for those who argue that Dune Part One would have earned more if it weren't for the pandemic-specific variables.

Ana De Armas and Daniel Craig in "No Time to Die" MGM

MGM and Universals No Time to Die made $6.2 million (20%) over weekend five, taking their domestic total to $143.15 millions. This Tuesday's release of the film will be available on PVOD. That's normal for a Comcast CCZ flick that opens in excess of $50 million. It is unlikely to die as a result, according to recent history. Another hold this, and No Time to Die could be among the $160-$168 millions likes of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Die Another Day. The 25th James Bond movie earned $27 million more overseas. This includes $11.59 million (-61%) for a $49,000,000 ten-day cume. It will be between Skyfall ($61million) and Spectre (83 million) in China. It currently has $524 million overseas, $667 million worldwide and currently stands at $667 million. It is almost certain that it will surpass F9 ($721million) to become the largest non-Chinese global earner in 2020 and 2021, with a finish of over/under $735million.

Sonys Venom : Let There be Carnage made another $4.465 Million (-22%), holding strong against Eternals and taking its total to $197M. It will cross $200 million domestic next week. Sony owns two of the three pandemic-era $200-million earners (alongside Shang-Chi, Bad Boys For Life). Spider-Man: The Way Home will be the third. We'll see if there is anything else (Encanto and Sing 2, Matrix 4 etc.). You can join the club. The sequel, which was $110 million in budget, has earned $227.6 millions overseas and $425,000,000 worldwide. It is free of any Chinese currency. For a domestic total of $17.577 million (17 days) and $47 million worldwide, the animated Rons Gone Wrong earned $3.6 million (-4%) in weekend 3. Although it's a commercial failure, I am glad that its still being shown.

Wally Wolodarsky, Jeffrey Wright and Bill Murray in THE FRENCH DISSATCH. Courtesy Searchlight Pictures. 2021 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved

Wes Andersons The French Dispatch made $ $2.6 Million (-3%) its third weekend. This includes its second weekend of wide distribution. The film, which has been a huge success worldwide, has already earned $8.47million domestically and $17 million globally. It could easily reach $17-$24million, even if it adds 417 theaters. It wasn't going to bring in worldwide gross revenues on par with The Grand Budapest Hotel ($172million), and not even in 2021. Global earnings comparable to Moonrise Kingdom ($68million) or The Royal Tenenbaums (72 million) would be a miracle, even without Covid. Halloween Kills fell like a rock after Halloween. The sequel to the slasher horror movie earned $2.35million (-73%) for $89.715 million domestically and $119 millions worldwide. Although it isn't making it to $100m domestically, it is still a smash hit.

Last week's newbies were all dive-bombed. Antlers will be paid $2 million (-53%) to cover a terrible $7.6 million ten day total. Edgar Wrights Last Night at Soho will bring in $1.8 million (-57%%) to make a terrible $7.7 million over ten days. My Hero Academia, World Heroes Mission made $1.66million (-76%) during weekend 2. Funimation still has a lot to offer with its $8.8 million ten day cume for this anime import. MGMs The Addams Family 2 now has a decent $55 million domestic (after a $6.44 million sixth weekend) and $89 millions worldwide. This is in addition to the PVOD earnings. Shang-Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang-Chi will each earn $502,000 (-53%) during weekend ten. This is for a total of $223.7 million domestically and $418 million globally. Ridley Scott's The Last Duel earned $10.5 million domestically and $23,000,000 worldwide with a budget of $100 million. Scotts House of Gucci will get another chance to save mature cinema on Thanksgiving.