Katt Williams Stops Comedy Show After Someone Passes Out, Cites Astroworld

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Katt Williams was not going to take chances Saturday night when someone fell unconscious in the crowd -- unlike Astroworld. Katt ended the show almost certainly due to it.

One person in the crowd lost consciousness. Another shouted, "Stop this show!" Katt took the advice and took a 10 minute break, while medical personnel rushed to attend to the injured person.

Katt remained on the KFC Yum! stage. Center in Louisville, Kentucky. He paced around the stage and talked to the crowd but didn't want his set to end until medical issues were resolved.

Katt says to the audience, "I'm sorry that I won't be moving on but Astroworld s***. We can't continue until we know someone motherf***ing great... I don't want to leave with that in my mind... please take five minutes... I just hope she is having a baby. That's it.

The man who lost consciousness is still not known. Katt took him out of the auditorium, and he said, "We made a good decision." He added, "Alright, get back from the commercial break." He continued with his set.