Who Is the 'A-Team' That Rescued the La Palma Dogs?

There are still many good people out there. They care about dogs which makes them even more special. A group of people claims to have saved the dogs trapped by the lava flows of the La Palma volcanic eruption. Only one thing is certain: We don't know who they are.

Authorities approved a plan for a drone flight to transport the dogs across the scorching lava. A group calling itself "The A-Team" claimed that it had secretly attempted to rescue the dogs. It left behind only human footprints and a reassuring message.

After the eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano in September, the dogs were trapped by lava flows. Volcanologists don't know when it will stop. According to El Pas, the dogs belonged to a 70 year-old hunter from Todoque. Authorities forced him to leave the area without the dogs.

The group published news about the rescue of the dogs that had been abandoned for over a month via a social media video. The video begins with Todoque's drone shots and the Spanish audio version from The A-Team, Mr.Ts big break.

A photo with a banner in Spanish appears around 14 seconds into the video. It reads, "Stay strong La Palma, all dogs are alright." This includes the identities and names of these dog-loving heroes.

It is unlikely that anyone will ever find out who was part of the A-Team and how they got the dogs free, due to the fact they violated the law. Spanish authorities declared the area where the dogs were stuck an exclusion zone. It was sealed off. Members of the dog rescue team could face fines and further punishment if they admit that they entered the area.

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The A-Team posted another video showing that the dogs were okay and being fed and cared for just days after the rescue announcement. The group mysteriously turned the dogs over to the government agency for animal rights. They said that the canines were in excellent health.

The A-Team didn't break their cover even though they handed over the dogs. El Pas reported that the Spanish agency for animal rights stated that members of their group called veterinarians and provided them with a location. The animals were found safe and sound once officials arrived.


Sergio Garca (head of the animal rights agency) said that they don't know how the rescue was carried out.

Garca stated that authorities were still working out how to handle the dogs. He said that the dogs could be returned to their owners if they were healthy and had all been issued identification tags.