Top Democratic challenger to controversial Rep. Lauren Boebert ends campaign following Colorado redistricting

Kerry Donovan is a Colorado state senator who ran to unseat U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert. She has suspended her campaign. David Zalubowski/AP
Lauren Boebert, the top Democratic challenger for Colorado Republican Rep., suspended her campaign Friday.

Redistricting in Colorado changed Kerry Donovan's home district. This has resulted in Kerry Donovan being removed from Colorado's 3rd Congressional District.

Boebert is well-known for her progun stances and was elected to her first term in 2020.

Lauren Boebert, the top Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. in Colorado, has suspended her campaign due to redistricting efforts within the state.

After being drawn out of her Colorado district during the redistricting process, Colorado State Senator Kerry Donovan has suspended her campaign to win Boebert's House of Representatives seat.

CBS Denver reported that the Colorado Supreme Court approved a revised congressional map in which Donovan’s Vail home is not included in the 3rd District. Instead, she is now a resident in the 2nd District, represented by Democrat Rep. Joe Neguse.

House rules state that candidates must live in the state where they are running, but not in their district. CBS reported that candidates who are not from their district may face more scrutiny and criticism.

Donovan stated in a Twitter statement that "while each $15 check with a memo saying "we believe in you" or $20 donation at meet and greet made it more commitment by the day, congressional maps failed to recognize rural Colorado's complexity and instead divided communities and protected incumbents while ignoring Coloradans' voices."

She stated, "There is no viable way forward for me to stay in this race, so I have decided to suspend my campaign for Congress."

After initial renderings of the congressional map showed Donovan in Colorado's 2nd district, Donovan stopped fundraising for her campaign in October. According to the Denver Post.

Before the redistricting, Donovan was in a competitive race with Boebert's campaign to reelect him. CPR News reported that Donovan ended the first quarter with $630,000, more than Boebert's $700,000. According to the Colorado Sun, Boebert had more than $1.8 million in the second quarter than Donovan's $536,000 by June.

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