Delayed: American Airlines’ Dallas To Tel Aviv Flight

American Airlines' newest long-haul routes between Dallas and Tel Aviv is one of its most popular. This route, which is similar to the new route from Seattle to Bangalore, has been delayed yet again.
Americans Israel flight delayed again

American Airlines announced cool international expansion in August 2019. The most notable was the new Dallas-to-Tel Aviv flight. As this was to be Americans' return to Israel, it seemed like a significant gap in the network for the world's largest airline.

American originally planned to launch flights from Dallas to Tel Aviv in September 2020. However, the outbreak of coronavirus caused American to reconsider their timeline. It was then delayed for over a year through October 2021. Then it was delayed through January 20,22 and finally delayed through March 2022.

American Airlines finally returns to Israel

Details of American Airlines' Dallas to Tel Aviv Flight

American Airlines Dallas-Tel Aviv flight on sale as of March 5, 2022. This represents a two-month delay. Here is the published schedule:

AA18 Dallas to Tel Aviv departure at 9:05PM, arrival at 6:00PM (+1 Day)

AA19 Tel Aviv to Dallas departing 10:10PM arriving 5:30AM (+1 day)

The flight will operate three times weekly: eastbound on Sundays and Tuesdays and Fridays; westbound on Mondays and Wednesdays; and on Saturdays.

Americans are now familiar with the Dallas-to-Tel Aviv route

The flight covers 6,960 miles and will be blocked at 12hr55min Israel and 15hr20min Israel. American will use a Boeing 777 200 with 273 seats for this route. The route will include 37 business class seats and 24 premium economy seats. There are also 212 economy seats.

Americans 777-200 Business Class

This is not surprising. The United States does not have a travel ban for Israel. However, Israel still has very strict entry requirements. As of November, the country opened its doors to travelers who have been vaccinated. However, the restrictions are a little more strict than those in other parts.

Americans New York to Tel Aviv Routes

American Airlines announced the Dallas-to-Tel Aviv route as the first to Israel. However, the airline launched two additional routes to Israel before then. Particularly:

Although the Dallas-to-Tel Aviv route was first announced, it is not surprising that the New York and Miami-to Tel Aviv routes were launched first. The Dallas-to-Tel Aviv route is the most dependent on connecting traffic. It is therefore understandable that American has been putting off launching that route for the longest time.

American already has two flights to Israel

Bottom line

American Airlines Dallas-Tel Aviv flight delayed once more. It is expected to launch in March 2022. American Airlines has launched flights from New York to Tel Aviv and Miami, so the Dallas route won't be the first.

It wouldn't surprise me if this route was delayed further. However, I believe it is more likely that it will launch within the next months than the Seattle-to-Bangalor route.

What do you think of the new route from Dallas to Tel Aviv by Americans? Are you positive it will be launched in March 2022?

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