Man paralyzed at a 2017 Travis Scott concert says he is 'devastated' for the Astroworld Festival victims

Travis Scott performs at the 2021 Astroworld Festival, NRG Park, November 5, 2021 in Houston. Erika Goldring/WireImage/via Getty Images
On Friday, Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival saw at least eight deaths and 300 injuries.

Kyle Green claims that he was paralysed after a Travis Scott concert in New York in 2017.

Rolling Stone reported that Green was "devastated” for the Astroworld Festival victims.

According to a statement that his lawyer shared with Rolling Stone, a man who claimed he was paralysed after a Travis Scott concert in 2017 said he was devastated for the victims of the Astroworld Festival.

Officials say at least eight people were killed and 300 others were injured by a "mass casualty" following a large crowd during Scott's performance at the annual Astroworld Festival. Samuel Pea, Chief of Houston Fire Department, told reporters that the crowd had reached 50,000.

Scott's April 2017 concert at Terminal 5 New York City was attended by Kyle Green, 27 years old. He was reportedly pushed from the third-floor balcony during Scott's performance. Rolling Stone reported Green saying he was forced to the third-story edge during a "severely packed" event.

According to the outlet, Green claimed that he broke several bones, including his vertebrae, during the incident. He was then taken off the ground by staff "without a neck collar, backboard or other safety precautions."

Rolling Stone reported that Green was also injured at the concert, where Scott was seen encouraging another fan to jump from the second-story seating to the crowd below.

Green made the following statement to Rolling Stone via his lawyer, while his lawsuit against Scott remains pending at the Manhattan Supreme Court: "He's devastated. He's heartbroken for all the families of the people who were killed and those who were seriously injured."

The statement said that Travis is even more upset by the fact that it could be avoided if he had learned his lesson from the past and changed his attitude towards inciting people to act in such reckless ways."

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Green's lawyer stated to the outlet that Green used a wheelchair at first after the accident but now he can walk with significant, significant disability. He is still partially paralysed.

Scott's lawyers deny that he is at fault. According to Rolling Stone, they wrote in a 2018 filing saying that Green's injuries were caused by "risks voluntarily taken" by attendees.

Insider reached out to Kyle Green and Travis Scott for clarification but they did not respond immediately.

Scott issued a statement on Saturday regarding the incident and his event.

Scott tweeted, "I am absolutely devastated by the events of last night." "My thoughts and prayers are with the Astroworld Festival families and all those who were affected by the events."

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