Big Bird got vaxxed and people are thrilled, confused, and of course, outraged

The jab was given to your favorite friendly, oversized bird. There are many thoughts and opinions.
Although most responses were positive, Ted Cruz, right-wing politician, has taken the Big Bird tweet to the center stage. He called the vax status "government propaganda" and branded it the latest form. We must also remind you that Ted Cruz is already vaccinated.

Big Bird isn't the only one who has advocated for child vaccinations. Big Bird has been a pro-vaccine advocate for years, encouraging children to get their shots without fear. In his replies to his vax status twitter, some adults even recalled Big Bird receiving his first vaccine in 1972.

Other reactions to Big Bird’s Covid vaccine were mostly positive. Many parents shared photos of their children, along with jokes about bird vaccination methodology and clarifications about the age of the avian. Here are our top picks: