Astroworld Victim Carried Out by Police and Dropped on Head

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The horrifying video shows the chaos at Astroworld Festival. Emergency workers were so overwhelmed that they tried to take one victim out on a stretcher, but she fell on her head.

The video shows a security officer, a police officer, and another person carrying a woman to an elevated platform... to try to get her to a street where gocarts were waiting for victims to reach a tent.

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Three rescuers stood at the end of the stretcher, right next to her feet. They asked for help to bring the woman off the ledge.

Unsuspecting passerby saw the situation and jumped in to assist, but instead of grasping the other end of the stretcher close to the woman's head, the man grabbed the area at her feet.

It hurts to see it. It makes my stomach ache. Travis Scott is SICK Barb Status (@barb_status) November 6, 2021 @barb_status

The stretcher was now complete with all four men on one side and none on the other. The woman's head drops violently as they drag the stretcher off the ledge and it hits the metal grate below.

The men put the woman on one the go-carts, and it drove to the tent.

We don't know the exact condition of her, but it appears very serious.

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We reported that 8 people died at Friday's concert. After Travis Scott's performance, hundreds were injured in a stampede.