Fired Amazon Driver Says Woman From Back of Van is 'Close Friend'

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After a viral video of a woman getting out of the backdoor of an Amazon driver's delivery truck, the Amazon driver who lost his job claims that the mystery girl is very close to him.

Tywan George, the Amazon driver, is seen in the video. He tells TMZ that he knows the woman well and insists that he was only doing his job when he saw her inside the van - namely, delivering parcels... if you get his drift.

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Tywan claims he knew he would be in trouble after the viral video because he is familiar with the operations of Jeff Bezos' company.

This video sparked a lot of speculation about the activities of Tywan and Kimberly back then.

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Tywan may be coy, but it is easy to see what he is trying to convey. He claims he did what any American man would do in similar circumstances.