A Spirit Airlines passenger alleges in a lawsuit against the carrier that a flight attendant sexually assaulted him

Spirit Airlines' October approach to Philadelphia International Airport. One passenger on another Spirit Airlines flight to Philadelphia claims that he was sexually assaulted and abused by a flight attendant. Matt Rourke/AP Photo
Spirit Airlines passenger Sued the airline after he claimed that a flight attendant had sexually assaulted his child.

According to the complaint the assault occurred after the passenger received several whiskey bottles for free.

Spirit Airlines didn't return requests for comment.

According to a complaint, a Spirit Airlines passenger claimed that a flight attendant offered him alcohol free of charge, asked him to move to a private section on the plane and then sexually assaulted his body.

Last week, M.B., a passenger, filed a lawsuit against the airline claiming that the carrier was negligent. He sought more than $150,000 in damages.

Insider was contacted by Gregory Spizer, VSCP Law, Philadelphia. Spizer stated that the lawsuit was filed to seek justice for the client, who was allegedly sexually assaulted on a Spirit Airlines flight attendant. We look forward to taking the case to Court.

This lawsuit comes as a result of an increase in violent incidents aboard planes. However, much of the unruly behavior was directed at flight crews. The Federal Aviation Administration reported Wednesday that it had received 5,033 reports from passengers complaining of unruly behavior in 2021. In 2021, the FAA opened 950 investigations, five times more than the 183 it opened in 2020.

Spirit was accused of negligence in the lawsuit, claiming that the airline "should've known" about the flight attendants "propensities for sexual violence, physical violence, and sexual deviance."

The complaint only mentioned the first name of the flight attendant, and did not provide any details about his past behavior. It wasn't clear if he had been disciplined before or if the allegations were speculative.

According to the complaint, Spirit Airlines did not conduct a background check or reference check on [the flight attendant] based on information and belief. "Should Spirit Airlines have conducted such a check, it would've discovered the concerns raised in this complaint."

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Spirit Airlines didn't return requests for comment.

According to his complaint, M.B. of Atlanta was flying to Philadelphia on June 30, to visit relatives. He was sitting near the back of aircraft.

According to the complaint, the flight attendant gave him first a water bottle. Plaintiff said that he "soon returned", winked at him, and then pushed small Jack Daniels bottles into his chest. He then offered to add more information and, just a few minutes later he "placed a balled up napkin with his number on M.B." The complaint claims that he placed a napkin on M.B.'s table.

The complaint states that the attendant called Plaintiff to a private area behind the bathrooms as the flight approached Philadelphia.

So M.B. The complaint stated that they did so.

The complaint stated that Plaintiff "went to the back of [the plane attendant] and called for him. [The attendant] looked around, then grabbed, groped, and fondled Plaintiff’s private and penis." "The flight attendant then tried to zip Plaintiff's pants."

Spirit was charged with six counts in the lawsuit. These included assault, battery and gross negligence in its supervision and hiring.

M.B. is accused of assaulting him. M.B. was first contacted by local police. However, he was informed that he would have to contact FBI because the alleged assault occurred in the air as the plane approached Philadelphia. According to his complaint, he made a report to the bureau.

Carrie Adamowski spokeswoman for the FBI's Philadelphia Division. She said that she could not "confirm or denial any particular contact or the possibility of an investigation."

Adamowski stated in an email that "as a general matter however, however, allegations of criminal behavior are reviewed by FBI for their merits, with consideration of any applicable Federal laws." "When necessary, the FBI takes appropriate action."

According to the docket at the US District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania, Spirit was summoned on Wednesday.

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