Husqvarna 435X AWD Automower Review: Quiet and Effective

I hate mowing the lawn. First, it is a waste to have so much grass. It is doubly frustrating that I have to carry around a device to maintain this green wasteland.
I was able to get the Husqvarna 435XAWD automower out on my lawn this summer. It's now my lawn, and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Robot Love

Husqvarna's all-wheel-drive, high-end robotic lawnmower line is the Husqvarna 435X. Husqvarna also makes cheaper models that do the same job. Because it is specifically designed for sloping yards, and rough terrain, the 435X is more expensive.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of the 435X. Although my expectations were reasonable, I was not expecting much. The 435X can do much more. Except for getting hung up on fallen branches occasionally, I have never encountered any problems. This was the only problem it had in six months of testing. It had the best-manicured, healthiest lawn in the area. Every delivery man that visited our home inquired about the lawn and the strange creature living there.

The secrets to the lawn-care success of the 435X lies in its spinning razor blades. The 435X robot is equipped with spinning razor blades. I made it a point of being polite and kind to the 435X in the hope that it would spare me from an inevitable robot revolt. The 435X cuts small pieces of grass each time, as it mows more frequently than you or a professional lawn service. This is how you maintain a healthy lawn. If you allow grass to grow too long, and then mowing it back, you will leave behind significant piles of grass. These piles can smother grass trying to grow and open up your yard's ecological playground to weeds.

One secret to a perfect lawn is regular blade change. Husqvarna recommends changing your blades every one-to-two months. However, this will depend on what type of grass you have and the soil in your home. Every two months seemed to be the right time. It was too long for testing, so I left it there longer. The quality of my mowing suffered. It's also important to check the mower regularly to ensure that all blades are intact. I lost two blades to fallen branches and they passed under my automower.

Clearing any grass debris is another thing that you'll need to do. My 100-year-old pecan trees shade my lawn. Although they provide shade, the branches fall quite often in the wind. They would have hung the 435X up if I didn’t remove them. Even so, it's a small price to be paid for picking up occasional branches from trees.