Covid live: ‘Plan B’ measures in England still possible, government advisor says; sharp rise in German infections

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Sydney will ease social distancing restrictions on Monday. This comes a month after the city began to loosen out of a coronavirus lockdown which lasted almost 100 days and was triggered by close to 90% of people having received both vaccines.

Although it is restricted to those who have been fully vaccinated, relaxation in New South Wales, which is home to Sydney, allows for the lifting of restrictions on outdoor gatherings or house guests, according to Reuters.

Dominic Perrottet, state premier, stated that they were leading the nation out the pandemic and called for a final push towards reaching, or even exceeding, the milestone of 95% vaccinations.

After coronavirus regulations were eased, patrons ate in a bar near the harbour. This was after an extended lockdown in Sydney, Australia on 22 October to stop an outbreak. Photograph by Jaimi Joy/Reuters

Australia relaxed its border restrictions for international travel Monday, for the first time since the pandemic. However, this was only for those who have been vaccinated from high-inoculated states.

Victoria, in the south-eastern part of Australia, was home to most of Australia's 1,417 coronavirus new cases. Public health statistics also showed 10 additional deaths.

The remote Northern Territory was free of new infections. A snap lockdown was maintained until Monday at midnight to deal with a small outbreak.

Australia reached 80% in full immunizations on Saturday

Simon Birmingham, federal finance minister, stated that this should give us confidence in terms opening up. He spoke to Channel 9 on Sunday.

Domestic travel remains tightly controlled as many states and territories keep their internal borders closed. The premier of Western Australia said that the state will reopen once it reaches 90% for double vaccination doses.

Australia has so far recorded an overall infection rate of just over 180,000 and 1,597 deaths.

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