Feds search the home of Project Veritas founder in connection to Biden's daughter's missing diary

The FBI raided James O'Keefe's apartment in Project Veritas on Saturday morning.
Two O'Keefe associates were also searched by authorities earlier in the week.

According to reports, the search is tied to Ashley's diary, President Biden’s daughter. Ashley was taken shortly before the 2020 election.

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The New York Times reported that federal investigators searched James O'Keefe's apartment on Saturday morning in a court-ordered raid.

O'Keefe had just acknowledged that Project Veritas was under investigation in relation to the allegedly stolen diary of President Biden's child, Ashley Biden.

O'Keefe's neighbors reported to The Times that agents arrived at O'Keefe's Mamaroneck apartment complex at 6 a.m. They entered the unit and searched it for several hours.

On Thursday, the FBI searched two O'Keefe's associates' homes, including Spencer Meads (a long-time Project Veritas operative).

O'Keefe posted Friday's video statement saying Project Veritas regularly verifies "authenticity," legality, and "newsworthiness of any source material it receives."

O'Keefe stated in the video that "it appears the Southern District of New York now have journalists in their sights for their supposed crime of doing lawful and honest jobs." "Our efforts were worthy of ethical, responsible journalism. We are certain that Project Veritas was ethical at every step."

Insider has yet to receive a response from Project Veritas on its investigation.

According to O'Keefe, "Tipsters" stayed in the same room as Biden's daughter and obtained the diary. Project Veritas was alerted by them. O'Keefe said that the group could not verify the authenticity of the diary. Project Veritas decided not to publish the diary and instead gave it to law enforcement in an effort to return the diary back to Ms. Biden's lawyers.

In 2020, dozens of pages from the diary were published on right-wing websites. During the election, Donald Trump attempted to undermine Biden's credibility and criticize Hunter's business dealings.

O'Keefe once called himself a "muckraker" and he stated in his reply that he believes that the investigation by President Biden's Justice Department is politically motivated.

Project Veritas is most well-known for its efforts to find dirt on left-leaning organizations and individuals, as well as conducting deceitful sting operations on potential targets. The group has previously attempted to lure Planned Parenthood, a Democratic senator and a former general into a confession of wrongdoing. Project Veritas was also deceived by hackers earlier this year. They were robbed of $165,000.