Guy builds staircase elevator to help his elderly cat

YouTuber Liam Thompson owns a nearly twenty-year-old cat named Frodo. He has enjoyed a daily routine that involves him walking down a set stairs to rest in his backyard's sunniest spot. Frodo's mobility has deteriorated and he is unable to climb stairs. Thompson decided to build an elevator for Frodo instead of forcing him to use a human's direct assistance to reach his sunbathing spot.
Thompson opens the video by explaining how his creation was made. He shows us how, despite his age, [Frodo] insists on climbing down the stairs every day to enjoy the sun.


Thompson assembled the two pieces of his catevator and used an electric hoist to power it. He then tested his prototype by placing a stuffed animal onto the cart and pressing the power button. Then, he watched as the stuffed animal glided down the stairs. He then refines his test version to improve its safety features and paints it a pleasant sky blue. Frodo the Cat gives it a go.

It works. It works. The cat lies on the cart and then sleepily watches as the device takes him down. He then happily leaves his new elevator to find a sun spot and enjoy the sunshine. After soaking up some sun, Frodos returns to the cart and rides it back up the stairs. He then calmly leaves.

Thompson did more than just do a good deed to his feline friend. He may also have found two lucrative business opportunities.

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