Open Channel: What Did You Think of Marvel's Eternals?

Marvels Eternals finally arrived in theaters this weekend. This is more than MCU movies usually are. The film has not been well received by critics who saw it early. They also respect the fact that Chlo Zhao, the director, tried to maintain her Oscar-winning direction within the vast Marvel universe. It was both ambitious but also contained by the fact that it was another part of the growing MCU megafranchise. It was widely known that it is the 48% lowest-rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes.


However, it is doing better with 84% of the audience. Or, rather, audiences that aren't just tweeting about MCU content. Although viewers agree that the film is taking some unexpected turns that are not consistent with Marvel's previous operations, they also acknowledge that it has a solid cast and is well-directed. Its moments of excellence and how all the pieces fit together are equal to its frustrations. The film features a lot of weird CG and villains who don't feel necessary to be there for it to succeed.

The Eternals will be able to show financial success in the future. These characters will be back. If you are only planning one, there won't be two scenes after credits. However, it is possible to see them again in another film or as a Disney+ series. Let us know what you think about Eternals in the meantime. Did you love the film? Did you detest it? Did you think that the film needed more Don Lee to play Gilgamesh in it? Comment below.

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