Stranger Things 4 will have a summer 2022 release date

Netflix announced Saturday that Stranger Things 4 would premiere in the summer 2022. Although it is not an exact release date, it will be a good start for Netflix's supernatural series. Fans have been waiting for months, enduring endless teasers and delays.
Also, Saturday's teaser featured Eleven in California, as she adjusts to her new school and life. In a letter she writes to Mike, Eleven says that all is well (even though her classmates are being mean to her) and she cannot wait for spring break. Our girl cannot have any good things last too long. After a fade-to-black, we see some haunting music with shots of Eleven and a roller rink looking scared, as well as helicopters and explosions and Joyce recoiling in fear from a creepy doll.

We were also able to see the titles of all the episodes in season 4 for the first-time. They will be called:

The Hellfire Club and Vecnas Curse. Dear Billy. The Nina Project. The Dive. The Massacre At Hawkins Lab. Papa. The Piggyback.

These episodes do not sound like ones where our heroine and her team will have a lot fun. Papa, as Eleven calls him (Matthew Modine), is the one who returns. We heard his voice in an earlier season 4 teaser.

What's in the name?

Stranger Things 4 premiering Summer 2022. Netflix (@netflix) November 6, 2021

These announcements are part of Netflix's Stranger Things Day celebration. This day is supposed to be a commemoration of the date that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), first disappeared into the Upside-Down dimension. If one felt less charitable, one can also attribute it as a cynical attempt to create a cash-in holiday for one its most popular shows, like Star Wars Day on May 4th.

November 6, 1983. November 6, 1983 was the day Will Byers vanished and the world was turned upside-down. #StrangerThingsDay returns tomorrow Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) November 5, 2021

Stranger Things 3 was released in July 2019, but the wait for the fourth season has been longer than expected. This is due to a long delay in production, caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Filming stopped on Stranger Things 4 in the early 2020s after only two weeks.

Netflix has not wasted any time with teasers for its fourth season. They have been steadily releasing teasers over the past few months. One tease that teases Eleven's return, another that explores Elevens dark past and one that introduces a new location, the Creel house, which will presumably be featured in the fourth season.