Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Biden Administration Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

On Saturday, the Louisiana federal appeals court temporarily stopped the Biden administration's mandate that large private employers require workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This came a day after 25 states sued the administration.

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The Key Facts

The conservative Fifth U.S. The conservative Fifth U.S. Attorneys general from over 25 states, including Louisiana, filed petitions or lawsuits to challenge the OSHA mandate after it was released on Thursday. Forbes received a statement from the Labor Department's chief lawyer on Friday, stating that it was confident in OSHA's legal authority to issue this mandate. He said it also believes it can act quickly in emergencies where workers are in grave danger. Forbes reached out to the Labor Department to get comment on the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stays.

Important Background

Companies with 100 employees or more are subject to the vaccine mandate. They must make sure that all employees have been vaccinated by January 4, and that any who aren't are subject to weekly Covid-19 testing. Unvaccinated workers must wear masks indoors by Dec. 5, according to the mandate. Businesses won't have to pay for Covid-19 testing or masks for employees unless local or state laws require. Businesses can also be exempted from the mandate if employees don't work in an office or telework. As of Saturday, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Idaho have challenged OSHA's mandate.

Big Number

From $13,653 to $36,532. According to OSHA's website, this is the maximum amount companies could be fined for not following the new mandate.

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