Mattel Cuts Language About Surprise Home Visits From Job Ad

Mattel, the toymaker, has deleted language from its remote job description for American Girl that stated that certain employees would be subjected to unplanned visits by supervisors during work shifts. This was not the only thing that caused outrage and eyebrows over the job posting.

After screenshots of the bizarre requirements were shared online, the posting for Seasonal Customer Service Home Agents gained momentum. The job required employees to work in a closed area, with no distractions, have their own high-speed internet and not be supervised by others.

This company is home to many brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price. It was meticulous in its requirements. According to a screenshot from the job posting on Twitter, the closed-door area needed to be free of distractions or background noise (ie. pets, children and machinery, music, or talking). Mattel stressed that employees should be focused on their work and not care for pets or people.

You must have freedom from all other responsibilities and be able to focus on your work. The job description was written by the company.

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Mattel apparently didn't know that we are currently experiencing a pandemic. This extreme situation has kept 46 million Americans home for months and has sickened more than 46 millions. Some of these people also need to remain at home when they get sick.

Gizmodo was informed Friday by Mattel that the job description was true, but that it had been removed in October. Mattel confirmed to Gizmodo that 250 seasonal workers had been hired for the job in 2021.


Mattels American Girl division said to Gizmodo it is proud to provide a supportive environment for employees as well as ensuring information security for customers.

A company spokesperson stated that the Seasonal Customer Service Home Agent position processes customer orders and requires those individuals to have access to a private workspace in order to maintain confidentiality. Security is an important part of the role. However, the job description does not include any language regarding unplanned visits. These were never used in practice.


It is good to know that the highly intrusive surprise home visits weren't put into practice. However, the company maintained its strict requirements. It is amazing that Mattel was able hire 250 people for this role. It didn't want people so it created robots that looked like humans and had no need for life.