'Stranger Things 4' heads to California for spring break

Stranger Things fans, pack your bags! We are leaving Indiana for California.
Fans also know November 6 as Stranger Things Day. It's the date Will Byers disappeared in 1983. Season 1 shows this. Netflix has revealed exciting details about its fourth season to commemorate this moment.

The big news: Season 4 was set in 1986 and will arrive on TV sometime in 2022. It will not be the first season.

Eleven shares her experiences at school on the west side of California in a teaser trailer. It's spring break, and Eleven is writing a letter (to a much older-looking Mike) about her experience at school. Mike will be visiting.

The teaser ends with flashes of chaos for the children.

More details were released by Netflix throughout the day, including the episode titles and sneak peeks of the looks for Season 4. Also, the official Hawkins map was revealed.

It's safe to say, without spoiling Season 3, that there are still questions about the fate of one character. None of these were addressed officially on Stranger Things Day. The excitement is building for the next episode, even though Season 3 was a great return to form after a disappointing Season 2.

There is a lot of interest in the future appearances of the children, considering the fact that the cast is rapidly growing. It will delight the fans that Mike and Eleven's budding romance over long distances, which they call Mileven, are a central part of the plot.

You'll have to wait until the summer if you want the next season. Netflix has not yet announced a release date, even for Stranger Things Day.