A North Carolina school reportedly suspended a 15-year-old girl and accused her of lying after she reported a sexual assault

Inside one of the classrooms at Cody High School. Green Standards
After a male classmate accused her of sexual assault, a 15-year-old girl was expelled from school.

WBTV reported that officials forced her to attend a "Sexual Harassment Prevention" training.

Her mother said to WBTV that her children made her feel as though she was being punished for speaking out.

A North Carolina high school suspended a 15 year-old girl after she claimed she was sexually assaulted and abused by a classmate. The incident was reported by WBTV, a local CBS affiliate.

Hawthorne Academy High School officials were informed by the teenager that the classmate had inappropriately touched her while she was in the bathroom. WBTV reported that school administrators responded by reporting the incident to police and accusing the student of filing false reports. They also suspended the student from class.

According to WBTV, while the incident was being investigated by the local police, the classmate of the male classmate is now facing charges for sexual battery against a minor.

Neither the school nor the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department immediately responded to Insider's request for comment.

WBTV interviewed the girl and she said that the male student had harassed her for years, until one day he became more aggressive.

The girl stated that he would like to come into the bathroom and push me into the stall. "He reached for my breasts and touched my breasts with his hands.

WBTV was informed by the girl's mother that her school had conducted an investigation and found no evidence to support her daughter's claims of sexual assault.

The mom was told by school administrators that she would be suspended for a day.

"I asked the principal and he said that if the police told me that he did these things, he confessed to them. And that I have the right of pressing charges, are you telling me that this didn't occur?" The mother spoke out for WBTV.

The principal, in reply, allegedly told the mother that the police have "nothing to do with" any decisions from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the district to which Hawthorne Academy belongs.

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WBTV reported that the principal told the mother that she could do nothing about it.

According to WBTV, school officials forced the 15 year-old to take part in a "Sexual Harassment Prevention" training.

The mother stated that they were making her feel as though she was being punished for speaking out.

According to local media, she said, "That scares my me because she told you how difficult it was for her come out and tell me this story to me at the school, to police."

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