That The 100 Spinoff You Probably Forgot About Ain't Happening

The CW's The 100 is still on your mind. The 100 was a good show for a large portion of its run. It started as a story about 100 teenagers from space who were sent to Earth to find out if it could be livable again following a nuclear apocalypse. The final season came and went, and the show managed to go completely off-track and make the concept of a futuristic militarized cult totally nonsensical. They tried to create a spinoff but that didn't stop them.


TV Line reported last night, that the spinoff, titled The 100 Second Dawn, will not be continuing at the CW. It was originally planned to be a prequel that would have established how humanity survived the Earth Apocalypse. This story, which is based on The 100, features tribal clans called Grounders that also have their own language and a cult that discovered alien relics that allow for interdimensional travel. This show was a bit strange, especially after the main series had dealt with bodysnatching AIs, world-ending solar flares, and so on.

Mark Pedowitz, the network boss, has been playing down the possibility that the show will ever come to fruition since the July 2020 episode that introduced the idea for the show. In May, he said that talks were still taking place, but now it seems like they have stopped. It remains to be seen if the show will be sold to other networks.

Jason Rothberg, The 100's showrunner, said that Second Dawn would have flashbacks to a pre-apocalypse world similar to Lost. Also, it would include a plan to send characters into space. In his eyes, it would have been a way of setting up the families for The 100's main characters, Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes and Bellamy Blake. TV Line told him that he had a plan to get them up there and meet their ancestors. We were able to tell the story and meet Great Great Grandpappy.

Farewell, 100. You died the second time you lived. It was surprisingly difficult, but it was ultimately pointless.

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