Review: Finnair Business Class A350 Los Angeles to Helsinki

It is truly a treat to fly long-haul A350 Finnair with Finnair. The opportunity to fly Finnair long-haul A350 is very rare, as there are limited routes to the United States. After the flight cancellations and American Airlines meltdown, I was able get a Finnair business class rerouting from Los Angeles to Helsinki. For years, I had been waiting for my chance to fly Finnair. Finally, it was here.
Flying Finnair Business Class

Finnair's business class is simple and elegant. The colours represent the Nordic sky, and everything from glassware to planes' lightening is Finnair's home. My Finnair flight from Los Angeles was my first. It was a real first for me. I was able to take a few photos before the cabins filled up.

The doors to the economy cabin are located behind door 2. Finnair offers only two classes of premium economy products. The A350 has standard 3x3x3x3 seats. Each passenger receives a blanket, as you can see in the photos. Additional leg room is available in the forward section of the economy cabin.

Finnairs A350 business cabin has 46 seats that stretch from the forward door to the door two. There are 8 rows in total. Each seat has direct aisle access and is flat with an average pitch of 78inches.

Each seat comes with a meal and drink menu, an amenity kit, and a blanket and pillow. Slippers are also included. Each passenger is provided with a toiletry kit upon boarding due to Covid. When not eating or drinking, medical grade masks must be worn.

The seat storage pocket is located near the armrest. This is the only storage area at the seat. Finnairs business class offers very little storage.

These kits are simple and small. These kits include an eye mask, earplugs, toothpaste, lip and face cream, as well as a biodegradable toothbrush. Additional hand cream is available in bathrooms.

The seat controls are located on the wall behind the seat. Touch screens can also be found on TV screens. Unfortunately, TV screens cannot rotate up and down, they only fold in and out.

Finnair uses a standard reverse herringbone seat. However, the legroom is well above average. The foot cubby is spacious. Under the foot rest is some storage.

Finnair Business Class Service

Finnair's business class service has been fully restored to its pre-covid level. Passengers have the choice of water, blueberry juice or champagne upon boarding. The man next to me chose a gin-and-tonic.

Let's stop and admire the beauty of Finnairs glassware. It was so beautiful that I could not stop staring at it.

Hot towels were given and ordered after takeoff.

Cold nuts and a cold drink were served before the meal was served. Beautiful glasses again!

Dinner service follows with several courses.

I had the chicken for dinner. Although it was a little rubbery, the flavor was great. It was also very cold. It was okay, because it prevented me from eating it.

Next was the cheese. Unfortunately, the caterers forgot to include crackers. However, I could probably live without the extra carbs.

Then there was dessert. This I enjoyed with a wonderful Port. The flight attendant was able to offer both the mousse and tiramisu. Business class was limited to 10 passengers, which was very helpful. It turns out that mousse is even better.

It was time to go to sleep after dinner. I was still not tired so I watched a movie, then I saw the Norther lights dancing across the sky.

After having viewed the sky for a while, I decided to take a nap somewhere over Greenland for three hours. I woke up about 70 minutes before landing. When I woke up, I was welcomed with a warm smile. I also received a towel to help me refresh. It was then time for breakfast.

Breakfast was the main attraction of the evening! Although I don't usually enjoy eating airplane breakfasts, this was different.

I needed to get up after breakfast so I had another cup of coffee. My flight attendant said that she hadn't flown in three years and had not worked in three. The pandemic was partly to her fault, but she also had a baby and took time off. She asked me if I would like an espresso. She wanted to test the machine, even though I didn't want one. So I decided to try it. Redeye, I would have!

Finnish chocolate is a great accompaniment to coffee. It was time to fly to Helsinki after my cup of coffee.

Finnair Business Class Thoughts

Finnair is a great product that pays attention to every detail. They don't want to be like Emirates or Qatar Airways. Instead, they offer a unique product. Each flight attendant was warm and friendly. The flight attendants were professional and friendly. It was like I was talking to long-time friends. The cabin crew was happy to talk, and they were happy to be flying and working. The crew seemed to be in good spirits despite the empty flight.

If Finnair could fly me to Europe every time, it would be my choice. The seats are comfortable, there are good drinks, decent food, and the culture is warm. Finnairs partnership is truly admirable with Marimekko. Finnairs glassware is my favorite airline glassware. This alone is reason to love Finnair!