Trucking industry hails 'huge victory' after Labor Secretary says most truckers will be exempt from Biden's vaccine mandate

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Marty Walsh, Labor Secretary, stated that "most truckers" would be exempted from Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Walsh stated that the rule will not apply to truckers who work together or interact outdoors with others.

Walsh's remarks were hailed by the American Trucking Associations as an "enormous win."

CNBC reported that truckers celebrated Friday's victory after Marty Walsh, Labor Secretary, stated in an interview that most drivers would be exempted from President Biden’s mandate for testing and vaccinations.

Walsh's comments were made in response to trucking industry criticism of a policy that The White House announced on Thursday. It will require millions to get vaccinated and be tested frequently. These new rules will take effect January 4.

According to The White House, the rule applies to federal employees and anyone working in a company with over 100 employees.

Walsh stated that truckers have been vocal in their opposition to the MSNBC interview. Walsh spoke with MSNBC on Thursday. The irony is that most truckers aren't covered because they drive a truck, or they travel in a cab. They wouldn't be covered under this.

According to the Department of Labor, a truck driver is exempted from the exceptions if they are working alone or only outdoors and do not interact with other drivers at drop-off or pick-up locations. Truckers who work together, such as two truck drivers sitting in the truck cab, or interact with others at their starting or destination points, are not exempt.

American Trucking Associations CEO Chris Spear stated that the trucker provisions were a "remarkable victory for our industry and association" in a statement released Friday.

The Truckload Carriers Association issued a statement earlier this week saying that the "disastrous mandate...will undoubtedly ensure that the trucking industry loses an inordinate number of drivers." TCA has been contacted by Insider for comment.

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The US's labor shortage has already caused severe damage to the trucking industry. Nearly 100 associations including the American Trucking Associations signed an open letter to Biden stating that the US has a shortage of truck drivers at the moment.

Spear, American Trucking Associations' spokesperson for CNN, stated that there has been a 30% increase of trucker shortages since before the pandemic. This is a record-setting figure in the industry.

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