Stranger Things 4’s new teaser promises ‘the best spring break ever’

Stranger Things 4 is getting a new teaser trailer. This latest video is part of a series that promotes the fourth series of Netflix's supernatural drama.
We start with Eleven writing Mike a letter. She is looking forward to spring break and seeing him again. She talks about how she enjoys school and that she has made many friends, even though there are some instances when other children treat her cruelly. Then we see Eleven looking up at the skaters, Joyce looking at a creepy doll and Eleven being restrained by government thugs. We also see helicopters, explosions and a dial being turned up.

The trailer, entitled Welcome to California, is the fourth teaser that Netflix has released. Since February 2020, the company has been counting down the number of teasers in its YouTube descriptions. We've already seen teaser 011 (From Russia with Love... promising the return to a fan-favorite characters), teaser 022 (Eleven Are You Listening? delving into Elevens past), and teaser 033 (The Creel House which reveals a new, creepy location). The teasers together with the others make it clear that the new season will be expanding its setting beyond Hawkins, Indiana.

The trailer today is listed as 004/004, which could indicate that this will be the last of the small teasers that Netflix has done for the series, ahead of a full-length trailer in the future. A firm release date is also missing from today's news: Netflix has stated that the series will be released sometime in 2022.

These announcements are part of Netflix's Stranger Things Day celebration. This day is supposed to be a commemoration of the date that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), first disappeared into the Upside-Down dimension. If one felt less charitable, one can also attribute it as a cynical attempt to create a cash-in holiday for one its most popular shows like Star Wars Day on May 4th.

November 6, 1983. November 6, 1983 was the day Will Byers vanished and the world was turned upside-down. #StrangerThingsDay returns tomorrow Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) November 5, 2021

Stranger Things 3 was released in July 2019, but the wait for the fourth season has been longer than expected. This is due to a long delay in production, caused by COVID-19, which halted filming on Stranger Things 4 in the early 2020s.

Stranger Things 4 will return in 2022.