Apple’s handy AirTag Loop is selling for a low price at Amazon

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AirTag Loop is a great deal for iPhone owners who plan to travel or make lots of plans during the holiday season. Right now at Amazon, you can buy the handy loop made specifically to carry Apples ultrawideband-capable Bluetooth tracker at an all-time low price of around $24 instead of $29. This offer is valid for the deep navy or orange colorways.

You can also find other colors on sale but they sell for slightly more. For $26, you can get the yellow or white variants. AirTags do not have a lanyard hole (a very Apple move), so you will need a loop to attach them securely to keys and backpacks. You might not be thrilled with the purchase, but it will be worth it.

Not to be overlooked, the deep navy AirTag Loop has fallen to $19 on Adorama a month back. There is a possibility that other retailers will offer deeper discounts as Black Friday approaches. We will keep you informed about The Verges Guide to Black Friday.

Apple AirTag Loop $24


18% Discount on Apples AirTag Loop Amazon: $24

Today's deal on the latest GoPro action camera allows you to take amazing photos and videos on your next trip, while saving money. The GoPro Hero 10 Black is now available at Amazon and B&H for $450, instead of $500. The new GoPro Hero camera has all the great features of its predecessor, which was called the largest, most dangerous action camera on the market. The new processor allows for higher frame rates and better resolution capture. Check out our review.

The 2020 GoPro Hero 9 can also be purchased at Amazon for $350, which is the largest price drop for this model.

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller owners now have the opportunity to purchase it at the lowest price. It was once the best Xbox controller, and it is now available at $139 at Walmart as opposed to $180 at Target and Microsoft.

The Series 2 allows you to easily customize buttons and analog sticks. A rechargeable battery inside the controller can last up to 40 hours. The controller is easier to hold thanks to its wrap-around grips. Other highlights include the adjustable-tension thumbsticks, as well as support for Bluetooth and USB-C. It is compatible with both the Xbox Series X / S consoles and the Xbox One.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller $139


23% Discount The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a favorite of The Verge. This controller is an upgrade to the Elite Controller. It features deep customization and optional rear paddle buttons. There's also a swappable analog stick and d-pad that allows you to customize its layout to suit your play style. Walmart: $139

$140 at Microsoft

Target: $140

Targets is offering up to 60% off select 2021 videogames until Saturday, November 6th. One of the deals is Hitman 3 at 50 percent, which we reviewed and rated as the best Hitman 3 in 2021. Targets currently has a 25% discount on select video games for Xbox, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S consoles, and they are selling them both for $25 and $25, respectively. RedCard members get an additional five percent discount, which brings the cost down to around $23.75.

Hitman 3 (PS5) $25


51% Discount Target $25

Amazon has announced the first ever discounts on the new Fire TV 4-Series and Omni Fire TV TV models for those looking for a 4K TV at a reasonable price. The Omni Fire TV 55-inch model is $560, while the 50-inch model costs $510, and you can save $150 by paying only $410 and $360, respectively. The 4K TV can be used with Alexa, and you will also have access to major streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and many others without the need for additional hardware.

Amazon Amazon Omni Fire TV $360


Amazon's new Omni Fire 4K TV is 30% off You can also access major streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus. Amazon 50-inch: $360

Amazon 55-inch: $410

Amazons is also offering $140 off the lower-end Fire TV 4-Series editions, which are available in 55-inch and 50 inch sizes. The larger model is normally $520 but now it costs $380. The 50-inch model is usually $470 but can now be purchased for $330. The 4K Ultra HD TV supports HDR 10, HLG, and comes with a Fire TV Alexa voice remote.

But, wait! But wait! These are just a few of the other notable deals available:

Amazon's new Fire HD 10 tablet is now available for purchase at $100, instead of $150. This is an incredible price for the 32GB model. Trade in your device to get 20 percent off the purchase.

Amazon is offering a $180 discount on a pair Boses 2017 QuietComfort 35 Series II noise cancelling headphones.