Kia EV6 2022 Review: A Well-Performing, Fast-Charging EV

To make it clear to petrolheads that your days are over, you can point out this: A car with an internal combustion engine will not be taught to anyone under 6 years old. They'll be amazed that we used to fill our cars with 70 liters of flammable liquid, then drive on, releasing noxious gases in our wake.
This is something Kia understands well. The company continues to push forward with electrification despite its success with more traditional models like the Sorento SUV. This waiting list will continue into next year in the UK. Do you remember the Soul EV or e-Niro models? Yes, they were loved by us.

Photograph by Kia

The Korean brand now has a pure-electric flagship: the EV6. It is a significant vehicle for the company, as it is the first Kia with the new slanty logo. This is a shout-out to other manufacturers. What is quality build? You can check. You can travel comfortably over 300 miles with a single charge. You can check. What is the average Kia price for money? Take a look. Prices for the EV6 in the UK start at a very competitive 41,000. Prices in the USA are still unknown, but it's approximately $55,300.

The Hyundai Motor Group owns Kia, so it is not surprising that this crossover uses the same E-GMP architecture as the Hyundai Ioniq 5. This is a good thing, considering how capable the Ioniq 5 was. The EV6 is more efficient than the Ioniq 5. This eliminates the main problem with the Ioniq 5's 280-mile range.

Initial availability of the EV6 will be in two versions: a 4x4 with 321 horsepower and a 226-bhp rear-drive with a single motor. No matter what motor configuration you choose, the usable battery capacity of the EV6 is 77.4kWh. The UK does not plan to introduce a smaller version of the battery model, but it will be available in other countries. If range is your main concern, the single-motor version offers the most distance at 328 miles, as opposed to 314 miles for the all-wheel-drive model.

Thanks to the Ioniq 5 architecture, all EV6 owners can enjoy the same party piece from Hyundai's electric vehicle: the patented technology that powers the motor and inverter to increase 400V to 800V for steady charging. Stop yawning. This is really cool. This is why? With a 350-kW charger, you can charge your phone in as little as 18 minutes. You can reach 62 miles in just five minutes if you don't want to wait 18 minutes. Do you have a home wall charger? Allow approximately 7.5 hours.