Animal Crossing’s new turnip price tracker doesn’t tell you the most important thing

Nintendo added a turnip-price tracker to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Nintendo Switch Online app. However, it is not as useful as I expected. The tracker does not show you the current turnip cost on your island, which is disappointing. It instead lists historical prices for the week.
You will need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online in order for the tracker to appear, cleverly called the Turnip Tracker. Open the Nintendo Switch Online app and tap the Animal Crossing icon. Next, tap Island Newspaper from the NookLink apps list. Scroll down to the bottom.

Below is an image that I took while writing this article. It is missing the current price as well as the mornings price.

The Turnip Tracker was supposed to let me see the turnip prices of my islands without needing to open my Switch. But, I guess I will still have to use it to get an up-to date picture of the stalker market. There are many reasons to play New Horizons right away, thanks to the new update. So, if you're looking for a quick overview of the stalk market, stop by Nooks Cranny once in a while.