Bellator 270: Patricky 'Pitbull' Freire claims lightweight title in Dublin by stopping Peter Queally

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After defeating Peter Queally in round two of their rematch in Dublin, Patricky Pitbull has been named the new Bellator lightweight champion.

Queally was home favorite, but his patience was a problem in round two when he was repeatedly dropped from Pitbull's powerful hooks.

Pitbull is following in the footsteps of his brother, two-weight champion Patricio, to claim the lightweight title. Queally was furious at the decision by the referee to end the fight.

Pitbull, who suffered a loss in their first meeting six months ago, ends a long wait to win a Bellator title. He had previously failed two times.

The Irish crowd was in exceptional form. They filled the arena starting from the undercard. Fever pitched when Queally's Walk Out Song, the Cranberries' "Zombie", rang through the speakers.

It was a spectacular entrance, and the crowd started another rendition within the first seconds. Queally and Pitbull were genuinely in love.

Queally was always lifting his leg, obviously wary Pitbull's low kicks. The Brazilian was trying to catch Queally spinning away after stepping in close by.

As Pitbull was being poked in the eye, the second round started slowly. The doctor was placed twice in the cage after the stoppage, which was met with loud cheers.

Queally was patient with his work but was suddenly put in an awful position by Pitbull's lightning-quick counter.

The Showstopper fell on his knees and was thrown again by a sharp hook as he attempted to get up to his feet.

Queally fell backwards under the impact of the punch. He was able to stand up but his hands were firmly on the cage.

Queally, clearly feeling better, jumped in as Pitbull began to unload.

Mix performs a heartbreaking show for Gallagher

Patchy Mix won the co-main event by beating James Gallagher via the guillotine choke.

It was a fight of the guillotines, with Gallagher losing in close quarters. However, Mix's brilliant fightback in round two saw him overcome, resulting in his second loss in his professional career.

The Irishman appeared from behindstage while the national anthem was playing. Before entering the cage, the Strabane native bows to the cheering crowd and displays the Irish flag on his robe and shorts.

Gallagher immediately went for a takedown, and booked his first submission attempt shortly thereafter. However, Mix managed to avoid a crouched Guillotine attempt.

Gallagher searched for another opening but was interrupted by the 'Fields of Athenry.' Then he decided to fight on the feet. Gallagher is well-known for his ability to grapple and he showed great improvement after spending the last year training under James Krause in America.

Gallagher tagged Mix and pushed him backwards at the points. This was an edge in what was a close round.

Mix fell to the ground after more foot exchanges. The Irishman then attempted to sink what appeared like a deep guillotine attack. Gallagher was forced to defend American attempts to gain momentum from the ground.

Mix could not turn Gallagher's back on his own, but he did land some very painful punches in those final seconds.

Gallagher could have left the fight after Mix lost weight. The 25-year old was facing the toughest opponent in his career, Bellator's number three bantamweight.

In the third round, both fighters fell to the ground again. However Mix was able to find his groove. As neither man was able to do before, Mix quickly got into a choke position and wrapped his arms around Gallagher.

Gallagher tried to hold onto the cage's centre, but was forced tap. The Dublin crowd was stunned when Gallagher submitted. Mix then celebrated on top of his cage. Gallagher was visibly shaken as he shook his head and heaved into a bucket.

Mix stated afterwards, "This crowd is insane, I underplayed them before, but they're like movie men."

"I was able to draw energy from the crowd but I felt nervous. In the first round, I was really flat.

"But credit to James we sold out the fight. I have great respect for him and his coaches. I'm sure I was overweight before. Happy Birthday mum, it's mine mom's birthday. I love you, mum.

'An instant classic'

The epic win of Pedro Carvalho was a joyous occasion for Irish fans

Pedro Carvalho ended a losing streak of two fights with a thrilling victory over veteran Daniel Weichel.

The Portuguese, a favorite fighter in the SBG Ireland ranks was welcomed at home and appeared in a confident mood.

Carvalho began the fight, however, on the back foot, having been knocked out early, and was forced by Weichel to resist his attempts to submit.

After being knocked to the ground by Weichel, the Portuguese was able to get back up and was soon on his back. Carvalho held firm and resisted a back-naked choke attempt.

Despite the loud Oles from the crowd, Weichel sent Carvalho back to the mat in the second round. But Carvalho was able bring the fight to its feet and tried an ambitious flying knee.

Just as it seemed that the fight was slipping away, Carvalho came alive in the last minute and sent his German opponent backtracking through the cage with slick shot selection.

The final round was frantic and saw incredible action as both men started to swing at will. Weichel attempted a spinning back kick, which was unsuccessful. Carvalho hit punishing hooks of his very own.

Carvalho, despite appearing tired, climbed onto the top of his cage to celebrate with the crowd.

Weichel believed he had done enough to win in a close fight. However, all three judges ruled in Carvalho’s favor 29-28.

John McCarthy, a commentator, aptly called the fight an "instant classic" and Carvalho (26 years old) can now look forward rebuilding his career following two losses.