Cuomo sex-crime case hits snag as Albany County DA says sheriff 'unilaterally and inexplicably' filed complaint without sworn statement from accuser

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing sex-crime charges. Andrew Cuomo has been placed on hold by the NYT, Albany Times-Union.
The Albany County District Attorney sent a strong letter stating that the original complaint was "potentially flawed."

Cuomo's legal staff could also be mentioned in the letter as potentially "exculpatory".

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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under criminal investigation for alleged forcible touch. Andrew Cuomo ran into a problem on Friday when a judge granted a 60-day adjournment due to paperwork issues.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares wrote to a judge stating that the criminal complaint filed by the Albany County Sheriff's office failed to include a sworn statement of the accused. This renders it "potentially flawed."

This is after Cuomo was issued a criminal complaint with summons for an alleged incident with Brittany Commisso (a former staffer) at the governor's residence last year.

Cuomo denies any wrongdoing.

The Times-Union reported in October that the complaint had been published prematurely. In a press conference, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple acknowledged that he didn't expect the complaint would get through the city court so quickly.

In the Soares letter, there was also a mention of potentially "exculpatory evidence" that had been submitted to Cuomo's legal team.

Soares said his office was "in the middle of" its investigation into Cuomo. He also stated that the accuser's statements were not properly handled in the criminal complaint.

The DA stated that "a portion" of the victim's transcript was described by the DA in a separate proceeding. However, this portion did not include an oath and, more troublingly, it also excluded other parts of her testimony in which she described the exact same acts as in the complaint.

This is still a developing story. Keep checking back for more updates.