The Boys Reveals Laurie Holden's Fabulous Crimson Countess Costume

In June, it was announced that Laurie Holden, a star of The Walking Dead and X-Files, would join Amazon Prime's hit series The Boys. Here she is in all of her red splendor.


The Crimson Countess was a minor character in Bryan Hitch's original The Boys comics. She is just another Vought super hero with a bad personality who is trying to make her way to the top to become one of the Seven. Although her powers are limited, she is meant to parody the Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch. The comics depict Holden's mask as being very pointed at the ends. This makes her resemblance with the Scarlet Witch more apparent. However, perhaps The Boys have toned down Holdens outfit to avoid provoking the litigious Disney bear.

The Crimson Countess belongs to Payback, Voughts second tier super-team. It is led by Soldier Boy, a World War II hero, played by Supernaturals Jensen Ackles. Ackles will also be joining the series for season 3. Aya Cash, the show's second-season actress, plays Stormfront in Paybacks second season. It is unlikely that Paybacks will make a comeback in season 3.

Katia Winter plays Little Nina the mob boss, Jack Doolan and Kristin Booth play the TNT Twins. Sean Patrick Flanery plays Gunpowder, Nick Wechsler plays Blue Hawk and Miles Gaston Villanueva is Supersonic. These characters were created specifically for The Boys. The premiere date for season three of The Boys is not yet set, but Amazon will surely let us know.

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