Aaron Rodgers spouts anti-vax stance on radio show, plugs Joe Rogan, quotes MLK

It looks like Aaron Rodgers is now full QAnon.

Today's Pat McAfee Show featured buzzword bingo. He said that he wanted the record to be straight and that these were the exact words he used. He has gone from being a respected player who was unfortunate to have COVID-19 to a fully-fledged conspiracy theorist over the span of two days.


He gave a bizarre 15-minute monologue in which he blamed the woke mob as well as claimed that he is not anti-vax. A positive COVID test was performed on Wednesday. Then, it was revealed that his unvaccinated status was an open secret within Packers.

Rodgers stated that he planned to use "immunized" during the McAfee segment and would have been open with journalists if there was a follow up question. He said that it was his critical thinking and personal studies during the offseason that made him decide not to get vaccinated for COVID.

I strongly believe in bodily autonomy. I don't have to agree to any woke culture or crazed group. I spent a lot time researching the vaccines and met with many different medical professionals before making a decision.

Rodgers stated that he was allergic to a component in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and was concerned about the side effects some people may experience after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Rodgers also stated that he was concerned about vaccines causing sterility and that some vaccine manufacturers were known for fraud.

He claimed that he has been following all protocols for unvaccinated athletes, even though he believes that many of them are not based on science but were rooted in alienating or shaming unvaccinated gamers like him. He said that media wants to shame and cancel unvaccinated people.

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Then he addressed the woke mob directly and denied that the vaccine was effective. He said that people who have not been vaccinated are five times less likely than those who were vaccinated to contract the disease. Aaron, that's why people get it.

In an effort to appeal his non-vaccinated status, he said that he had collected 500 pages of research about vaccines and presented it to the NFL. This appeal was denied. He claimed that the league did not offer him any alternative treatments to stimulate his immune system, and that he thought he was a liar.


He continued to tell the audience that Ivermectin is an antiparasitic medication that is usually administered to animals. He was angry at the NFL's efforts to shame and out-vaccinate unvaccinated players.

The Packers quarterback just kept digging in that hole. He said that natural immunity to being infected wasn't part of the conversation, and that there was a witch-hunt for unvaccinated NFL players. Rodgers was playing bingo when he mentioned that Joe Rogan, his good friend and podcast host, had been helping him with a lot the stuff he recommended on his podcast.


The cherry on the top, you didn't think we would miss this, was the Martin Luther King, Jr. quotation, which Rodgers cited (semi accurately). As a human being, you have a moral responsibility to oppose unjust rules.

The internet was full of jokes, as usual.


It seems that he has had strong opinions about this issue all along. Therefore, it is unclear why he did not declare that he was not vaccinated in August. Instead, he heavily implied that he had received the shot. Aaron Rodgers wants to make it clear that he is the victim in this case.