Man Says He Got a Job at NASA Accidentally

"I worked on lots of stuff that went up the station."
NASA Job - Oops!

An unusual tale by David Miller, an engineer, is virally spreading TikTok about his story about how he got a job at NASA.

After being interviewed for a job on planes, I received a call saying that there was a new job for you. It was for the Manipulator Analysis Graphics and Interactive Kinematics team. He recalled this in the video which has been viewed over nine million times as of the writing.

This is a funny story about how an engineer's life was turned upside down when he switched from designing hardware for astronauts during spacewalks to tinkering on commercial aircraftliners.


Although the MAGIK team was responsible for investigating and setting the foundation for planned robotic operations on space stations, Miller's main focus was on the International Space Station.



I was like, "I don't know what that means" but I replied, "Sounds interesting." Youre calling me back so I assume you can give me an interview in person. Miller stated that he would like to hear more about the jobs.

The engineer was not hired for the first job which required him to work on the wire harness of Boeing's 787 commercial airliner. The second job he was hired for, for which he didn't even get an interview, turned out to have been NASA.

Miller stated that he moved to Texas to start the job. According to BuzzFeed, it was a fairly standard entry-level position as a mechanical engineer.

Posts to Fill

It wasn't the most common job.



Miller said that he worked on many things that were up to the station. This included spacewalk hardware and docking system.

What the hell did that mean? NASA needed to expand its MAGIK team so it reached out to Boeing, Miller says, for assistance.

Miller worked for NASA for eight years, and he says it was a magical experience.

Miller shared his experience with BuzzFeed: "I was able to work on things that went in space and physically touch them and make an impact."



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